Free Note Taking App

Appointment Buddy. Write notes, take pictures, record audio. All at the same time. And best of all, it’s a free note taking app.

Presently, Appointment Buddy differentiates itself by being free, letting you take pictures while recording, keeping audio small enough to fit in emails, letting you refer to other notes while recording, auto filling subject and date based on your calendar so you can record immediately, and being as streamlined and as simple as we could make it. This is the simplest app we wanted with us while taking notes in a doctor’s office or a lecture hall.

Why are we releasing Appointment Buddy as a free note taking app? We want your feedback on how you use it and what it needs. Write us at Let us know what can make it better or what you really need from it. You might just be able to have it in future versions.

Would integration with Catch or Evernote be highly desired? Tighter calendar integration? Or maybe todo lists and questions to ask at your appointment? We want our users to help us make Appointment Buddy the best note taking app we can make. We want to hear from you. Write us at and try Appointment Buddy. You’ll enjoy it.