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The best note taking app should be slim, fast, and simple. We built Appointment Buddy to exchange written, audio, and visual notes within our family as easily and as quickly as possible.

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After searching through notes apps, we found we needed the ability to record and take pictures at the same time. Imagine you’re in a lecture, and your notes app can’t take a picture of the white board before the professor erases it because your app doesn’t let you store pictures in your notes while you’re recording audio. With Appointment Buddy, you can.

You can’t beat the price. It’s a free note taking app. And no ads either.

Appointment Buddy autofills your note’s subject and date with information from your calendar, so you can start taking notes as soon as possible. We made it incredibly fast to start taking notes without having to “setup” a new note. Hit the add button, hit record, start typing and taking pictures in less than a second.

Appointment Buddy was beta tested in many different doctors offices and became the best note taking app whenever we needed to record, take pictures, write notes and get it to our family members quickly. No sign up. No monthly bill. No login. Just use it right from the start. In the future we may add the ability to sync with other great services like CatchEvernote, or Dropbox, but we wanted to start with something simple that could be picked up and used immediately by anyone.

Our recording is robust. Two hour long recordings can still fit into a single email (less than 20 MB). Being able to easily email audio recordings of important appointments has proved invaluable. We’ve found a few good pictures and an hours worth of audio can make having a video of an event unnecessary. And it can all fit in a single email, something everyone in our family can understand.

We believe in slim, fast, and useful software. And being free is a plus. While it may not be for everyone, we think Appointment Buddy is the best note taking app for our needs, and we hope for yours.

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